Hi! I'm Zala.

As a Creative Developer, my practice lies at the intersection of technology and the arts, combining both to deliver meaningful experiences with a storytelling edge. Besides university, I'm always experimenting, working on a side project or gathering ideas for the next one.

  What my days are currently filled with

  • 3D modelling and WebGL exploration
  • Visual journalism @ the Guardian

the <unk> machine - Final Year Project

Interactive Graphics, Machine Learning, Web Scraping, 3D Modelling and Animation, Creative Coding, Three.js, Pytorch, GSAP, Blender
The <unk> machine is a transdisciplinary project, situated in the field of computational co-creativity, automated story generation and immersive creative computing media. It explores the use of machine learning technologies in the context of human-computer creative collaboration to produce a piece of creative writing. It then builds upon the created story by creating a 3D immersive interactive experience, which represents a new form of digital storytelling.

News Runner

Machine Learning, 3D modelling, Creative Coding, Three.js, ml5.js, GSAP, NYT API, Blender
An interactive 3D experience, portraying the overwhelming amount of news delivered to a person every second. Using charRNN to generate news headlines and a hand detection model, enabling the viewer to fight them off.

Machine Learning Sketches

Machine Learning, Creative Coding, ml5.js
A collection of weekly creative machine learning experiments done through a course at university.

Maribor Neural Style Transfer

Machine Learning, Creative Coding, tensorflow.js
Video of my hometown with applied style transfer. The ML model was trained on an image generated by a GAN model based on a propmpt 'Slovenia'.

Queer representation in Children's TV

Data Visualisation, Web Scraping, Python
A data visualisation analysis of LGBTQIA+ characters in US Children's TV Shows.

My contributions at the Guardian

Data visualisation, Graphic Design, Visual Journalism, D3.js


Data visualisation, Creative Coding, Computer Vision
An interactive data visualisation piece of disinformation about COVID-19 using openframeworks and Leap Motion. My second year final project at university.

Lost Frequencies

Creative Coding, Computer Vision
An interactive web-based program representing a speculative reality, exploring the sound-color relationship in relation to computer vision. First year final project.

LGBT Acceptance Across the World

Data Visualisation, d3.js
A data visualisation of LGBT Acceptance Indices of 174 countries.

Markov Chain Bot

Creative Coding, Language Processing
A command line C++ application generating text based on input files utilising Markov Chains of n-th order.

How close are NYC subway entrances to stations?

Data Visualisation, Mapbox GL JS
An interactive geospatial visualisation of subway entrances in relation to the stations in New York City.

Dynamic Web App - Calorie Buddy

Full-stack development, Node.js, MongoDB
A dynamic web application built with Node.js, with the database management system being MongoDB. Includes advanced API. Made during a university course on Databases and the Web.

Illusion sketches

p5.js, Creative Coding
An interactive web-based app, demonstrating various optical illusions and providing educational content about them. Made in my second year university module Perception and Multimedia Computing.

Platformer Game

p5.js, Creative Coding
Using p5.js to develop a simple 2D platformer game.

This website

Front-end web development
(which sincerely needs a rewamp when time alows it, as it was created in early 2020)

Gallery 1.0.

Explore my collection of creative experiments realised with code.


Occasional ramblings about my creative journey and other topics I find interesting.

Gallery 2.0.

A collection of my CGI endeavours.

About me.

Constantly exploring the vast field of creative development through learning by doing, I aim to deliver meaningful experiences whilst finding new ways to engage with emerging technologies.

I'm always on the lookout for a new challenge, a new idea and new knowledge, whether that be in Immersive Experiences, Machine Learning, 3D Modelling, Extended Reality, or something else yet unexplored.